George Blamey-Steeden

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(The picture is a photo inside a cave. I took it somewhere in the middle of France)

For the first time since mine died I got to take a dog for a short walk over the weekend. A small, cool dog called Barney. Inevitably, I had a couple of random thoughts while walking him. Well, more like a random question, plus a random thought. First, wouldn’t the zombie genre have an entirely different edge if zombies had to give their pet dogs a bit of morning exercise before setting off to do zombie work for the rest of the day? Second, what with their giant halva (the most horrible, flaky sweet you could ever eat – like sugar coated dandruff) hands, it is unlikely that a zombie could responsibly keep a budgerigar (or any bird or rodent, thinking about it) as a caged pet, as cleaning out the litter tray…

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