NDIS: promising tomorrow

Two Angels and a Black Dog

This is a speech I gave today at a conference for service providers were the NDIA is being rolled out, for them to hear the experience of of those already involved in the program. I provided a lived experience of NDIA.

The photos are before (to my shame. Why am I showing you?) and after shots of my room and are the latest efforts of my cleaner. Below is my speech with slight alteration for anonymity:

Some stirring of hope, of imagination, of something more than simply surviving is coming back to me. Thanks to my NDIA package. When you’re depressed and feeling incapable of achieving much it lightens the heart to see the lawn freshly mown, the house in a semblance of order.

I have a new cleaner. The last cleaners said NDIA work didn’t pay enough and left. I was sad to see them go as they were…

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4 thoughts on “NDIS: promising tomorrow

  1. An important article highlighting how so many people have to live. Those of us lucky enough to enjoy comfortable lives would do well to consider some possible alternatives.
    Best wishes, Pete

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