Stationery Obsession

I used to have an eraser collection, different colours, sizes, smells – only ever used the normal putty coloured ones to actually erase anything with! :0)


I am coming clean today. Confessing my sins. I am a stationery addict.

I love notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighter pens and can’t go without a fix for very long.

Every novel has a new notebook, it’s pages still virgin and unsullied until I put the first scratch of pen on them. The smell of new pages thrills me, the covers have to be just right and even better if they have that elastic band to keep the page.

My daughter had a pencil case obsession. At one time she had over a hundred. I think I might have passed that with the notebooks.

New notebooks fuel my creativity rush. Sometimes even the cover will suggest itself to a story.

So, yes…….How many of you feel the same way about notebooks. Please let there be some more of you, I don’t want to stand alone on this huge mountain.

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