Vagabond recreates iconic mens sneaker in a recyclable cherry-wood material

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Swedish footwear brand Vagabond have given one of their iconic, classic men’s sneaker, Paul, a “nature” flavour by making it entirely from vegetable-based materials including a wooden upper.

Vagabond’s Paul sneaker now comes in a recyclable cherry wood Ligneah material. In the manufacturing process, thin sheets of wood are attached to a cotton base, using a technique where resistance and durability is assured. To make the wood material soft and “leather-like”, the surface is then micro laser etched.

The recyclable wood material is the latest in the footwear brand’s “quest to minimize impact on nature even further”.

Vagabond with its line of design classics for men and women is a footwear brand that has always been consciously aware of the impact of fashion on the environment, and in more recent years have been experimenting with sustainable materials like the recyclable cherry wood.

Marie Nilsson Peterzén, co-founder and creative director of Vagabond, says:…

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2 thoughts on “Vagabond recreates iconic mens sneaker in a recyclable cherry-wood material

  1. I couldn’t find this exact shoe on their website. Nice idea to use those materials, but the prices on their site are never going to be affordable in the mass market.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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