Poet, short story writer, lover of Earl Grey tea and Pluviophile

My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland

My favourite poem is ‘I eat my peas with honey’ by Ogden Nash because it still makes me laugh.

I love Earl Grey tea – no milk with honey or a nice cup of Smoky Lapsang.

I am a total Pluviophile – thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, light showers, rainbows = peaceful mind.

I write poetry and short stories. My stuff can be about anything that pops into my head.

I once jumped off a 30ft diving board to cure my fear of heights (not recommended very, very dangerous) – it didn’t work & I am now I’m scared of swimming pools as well Hahahaha

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      1. Hello Kate, while I do a bit of reblogging, I did want to see some of poems. I will gladly check out the other site and thanks for signing on with my other blog as well. It is way behind due to computer issues which I hope will be settled soon. That is why I don’t have the Paris post I would like to have done. Lea 🙂

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  1. Kate! I am very naughty. I don’t click the like button on your posts nearly often enough, more often than not just clicking straight through to wonderful gems you unearth. So just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much what you do here is appreciated. Thank you! xx

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    1. Hello Running Elk – Hahahaha! Don’t worry, I don’t get hung up on things like that. I am just glad that people find things that I like, interesting enough to stop for a moment and maybe pass on to someone else. The Internet fascinates me – how ideas can go around the World in 24 hours or less, like a cybernetic ‘handholding’ across the Earth – how cool is that?
      Thank you very much for taking the time to pass on your kind thoughts, it’s very much appreciated. Kate xx

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  2. Your high diving story reminded me of my own, when my gymnastics coach made me jump off the high dive — without holding my nose. I filtered a lot of chlorine through my system that day. And while I’m not really afraid of heights or the water, I do tend to avoid both of them. 🙂

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    1. You poor thing. Do you think it’s an essential requirement for gymnastics coaches to be sadists? I was in a gym class & the coach made this girl do a backflip off the end of one of those box things that look like they’ve been shipped in from a prison camp escape committee. She was scared – she did the flip, landed right on her coccyx, her head hit her knees, breaking her nose – blood everywhere! I like my water fizzy, in a tall glass with ice & lemon and hopefully un-chlorinated and heights – nothing above 3rd floor thank you :0)

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      1. Most gymnastics coaches are men, so yeah, maybe so. No lemon in my water, thanks. But it needs to be ice cold (without ice). (People say I’m picky.) 🙂

        Nothing you can do for a broken coccyx (kinda like my bad jaw joints). No splint or cast, although I still hope to find a wheelchair for my head one day. 🙂

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    1. Hahahaha you’re welcome again! It really hurt as I didn’t know you should ‘scoop’ your arms in front of you so you ‘torpedo’ up to the surface. I hit the bottom of the pool with my head and nearly drowned. They do say pride comes before a ‘fall’:0) (I really am scared of heights)

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      1. I was horribly afraid of heights for a very long time. Couldn’t even climb a ladder. So I jumped out of an airplane, twice now, and I’m cured as far as I can tell.

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  3. Thanks for liking my recent post, Kate. Reading your intro, I felt myself thinking how different we are. I dislike rain, more than I ever imagined I could. Since moving to Norfolk to retire, it seems to always rain, and I constantly blog about how much I hate it.
    And those teas…My tea would be brick-red, a small amount of milk, a strong brew, (Taylors or Yorkshire) and sweet too. The scented teas are not for me.
    The joys of blogging. Opposites attracted by words and ideas.

    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

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    1. You’re very welcome Pete
      Thank you for liking my poem, very kind of you. Always a bit reluctant to put my scribbles ‘out there’ when there are so many talented people here.

      Hahaha nothing wrong with Yorkshire tea! I just don’t drink milk (not vegetarian, just don’t like the taste) so a good pot of brick-red Yorkshire tea with a bit of honey in would be just as nice (I don’t know the other brand, sorry).
      Mum used to make what she called ‘builders tea’. It was so strong you could practically slice it!
      Indeed, if we were all the same, it would be awful. We’d be sick of each other and have nothing to say.
      Best Wishes to you too Pete



    1. Hello Madelyn
      Hahahaha – Excellent!! – you are the first person ever to spot that! (been on there since I started the blog, so ‘kudos’ to you)
      I just put that in to see if anyone would actually read it :0)
      Any jam – as long as it’s a seedless one. Wouldn’t want the poor puppies to get them stuck in their gums :0)

      Kate :0)

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      1. Great idea, actually. I often wonder how many people read and how many skip merrily around the i-net clicking “likes” the way they handle Facebook!

        My “homepage” is way too long and seriously out of date, so I’m fairly certain that not ONE of my many “likers” on that one have ever read the darned thing – even though it might appear to be my most popular post. I once imagined that I would keep it up to date, until I began to wonder if it would be worth my time.

        btw: I strongly prefer raspberry jam *with* seeds, so I will have to make sure I am scrupulous about attribution.

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  4. Kate, I’m off to my leaba (bed, in Gaelic) and pronounced, La – ba. It’s been nice chewing the fat with you. I bought Prodigal Son so now, I’m taking you to bed!

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  5. You are so supportive, reblog my work and are just a damned good egg.x 😇 already I follow read and like, i will continue to do so. P.s.my maiden name was Cheshire, I love Alice in wonderland , puppies and love being genre free. X😇

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  6. Thanks Ellen! Very kind of you to say. You’re very welcome.

    I love to re-blog posts I find interesting, no matter what the subject.
    I love a large variety of subjects and I’m sure other people do as well, so I share them.
    I, like you don’t like being shoved in a genre mould, I like to write what I want in whatever style I want and why not?
    Lewis Carroll wrote ‘Alice’ and books on Mathematics.
    I am glad you are an ‘Alice’ fan too, the more the merrier! :0)
    Cheshire is a great name.
    I think this is the most ‘I’s’ I have ever used in one reply hahaha!
    Kate x


  7. Kate, many thanks, once again, for the reblog. The original poem was like a Homerian epic and I finally got round to tackling and stripping it to its current size, last Saturday. It means a lot to me and even more, if it brings some enjoyment to others.

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  8. You’re welcome. Maybe you could put the extended version out in two halves?
    People blog books a bit at a time, why not an epic poem? It annoys me when you get advised to not put anything out that is more than 300 words. I sometimes tell people how many words are in the story ‘have you got time to read a 586 word story?’ If they open it and read it that’s really great, if not they may ‘circle back’ after reading shorter items and then read it.


  9. from one pluviophile to another.. HIFI girl! Great to meet you. Your blog is beautiful place. I have to come back again to explore more. Loved the fresh perspective of thoughts. Keep it up.

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    1. Thank you! Pleased to meet you too.
      There are more pluviophiles out there, we normally keep quiet about it due to all the sun worshippers :0).
      Thanks so much for those lovely comments, it’s very kind you.
      Kate :0)

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      1. Hahaha of course you can, that is so very kind of you!
        You’re only the third person to notice the ‘licked by puppies’ comment, thank you.
        If you would like to read my scribblings, you can type in my name in the ‘search’ box and it should pull them out from between all the re-blogs!
        Thank again

        Best wishes
        Kate :0)

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  10. Hey you!

    I just saw my latest post in “Posts That I Like.”

    That’s so generous of you! Thank you. I’m still relatively new to the blogosphere and I’m more than slightly awed by your digital presence.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and staying touch.



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  11. You’re very welcome. WordPress is a very welcoming, supportive blog site I have been in here just over 18 months and I have ‘met’ literally hundreds of lovely people here. Have a fabulous 2017! Kate


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