Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the ladies here who are Mums to the human and furry kind. You’re all a credit to the profession of Motherhood. For those who’ve lost their Mum, buy a bunch of flowers she liked and brighten up your living room with them, or light a candle (safely)and think of a good … More Happy Mothers Day

Complacency Kills

There have been a few deaths recently of people who have been electrocuted because they have been charging their mobile/cell phones whilst using them in the bath. This sounds a ridiculously stupid way to die. Some people see this as a slimming down of the ‘gene pool’, or an easily avoided tragic death of a … More Complacency Kills


Remembering A family get together Or a couple of hours sitting in a coffee shop Are never spent without a mention of you Remembering, we laugh over the funny things You did or said We grumble about things promised But never done Or old arguments played over again As only siblings can We talk about … More Remembering

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Walking through the art gallery Pausing to surreptitiously brush my fingers Across the statues Breathing in the voluptuous Figures of the paintings Like beauties on the beach All seemingly made flesh Real – yet not real at the same time Cold, unforgiving marble Muses Look down upon their admirers Like expensive hard hearted … More Art Gallery


Depression I am so tense the back of my neck aches Sinew twisting & turning Tightening like a fast creeping ivy Strangling its host tree Crushing it slowly in its vice-like grip I feel two enormous hands surrounding my skull Squeezing & pushing down my head into my shoulders Pressing their clawed thumbs into my … More Depression