A-Z Film Challenge: Day Five


I have made it to day five, and the letter ‘E’. Thanks to those of you who have stuck with it, and the new visitors who have come aboard for the ride.

Once again, I am starting this with the certain knowledge of my top spot. However, ‘E’ has been something of a challenge, so I really had to put my thinking cap on.

Unsurprisingly, a foreign language film comes straight to mind. The wonderful Brazilian film from 2007, ‘Elite Squad’. (Tropa de Elite) This is a terrific no-holds-barred look at the work of the special police squad trying to tackle out of control crime in the slums and shanty towns of Rio. Police corruption is rife, and the gangs are left free to control their territories. When the Elite Squad move in, they face extreme violence, as well as betrayal from within. A hard-hitting action film, that is thoughtful…

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