A-Z Film Challenge: Day Six


The weekend is here, and I am up to the letter ‘F’. Thanks again to everyone for your suggestions and additions, and to those of you who are reading, but not commenting.

On this occasion, my daily choice was not cast in stone, so I was able to approach ‘F’ with an open mind. I had forgotten just how many good films started with this letter, so was once again surprised to be presented with such an array of choices. I had over 25 films on the ‘potentials’ list, and the eventual selection was difficult, as was my own final choice. I am expecting some great suggestions, so don’t let me down!

I will start with an overlooked British classic, and the wonderful Ralph Richardson, in Carol Reed’s neglected adaptation of a Grahame Greene story, ‘The Fallen Idol’ (1948). This amazingly ‘small’ film deals with the attraction of a young…

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