Island Earth: Documentary examines how the world’s population can be fed without destroying the planet

Life & Soul Magazine

Island Earth is a documentary film that tells the story of a young indigenous scientist’s journey in Hawaii, through the corn fields of GMO companies and loi patches of traditional elders, revealing modern truths and ancient values that can save the future of our food.

Island Earth follows Malia Chun, Cliff Kapono, and Dustin Barca – three Hawaiians seeking to make Hawaii a beacon of hope for an uncertain future.

Research has found that in order to feed the population of this planet, as much food would need to be grown in the next 35 years as has been grown since the beginning of civilisation.

But conventional agricultural practices are depleting the earth’s natural resources faster than they are being replenished. Not to mention that the pros and cons of most attempts at modern chemical solutions (pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs) continue to be heavily debated by scientists, policy makers, industrial…

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