Just Breathe…

Musings of a pseudo-writer

So lately a lot has been going on… seems like I’ve been running a race and have lost my way… I bit more than I could chew and ended up gulping it all down my throat without having relished any flavor…

Weekdays were insane and weekends… wait…what’s that again?! So yeah basically days have been a blur… I was either trying to please everyone around me or fighting with them while trying to please myself.. neither of it helped… I know that a lot of people have the exact same problem… I mean my six year old niece complained that her life is too hectic.. This just shows that we are all running…

So I finally decided to do something drastic… I decided to STOP.. yes…I stopped in the middle of a race that does not allow its participants to stop…I stopped just for a while…to do nothing…to just…

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