The Walk Of Shame.


Another  picture prompt with the Friday Fictioneers over at Rochell’s place. Requirements… A hundred word flash, inspired by the picture on loan from Amy Reese. Go on over and join in or read the individual stories  by pressing her name                                     🔜  Rochell Wisoff-Fields.


He shouted, his face against mine, his breath steaming my glasses. Men shouldn’t need to shout, my Gran said a good man knows how to be respected. I can’t hear what he’s saying; it’s loud. Mr Waddington said, “be healthy, don’t eat sweets and such, or smoke. Eat fruit and vegetables they’re healthy”. I said, “How can you teach us that sir? I see you eating crisps, smoking, drinking from a flask like my dad keeps next to his bed… and your fat”. That was when he shouted and made me do the walk of shame to the headmaster’s room.

Have you ever walked that…

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