How NOT to write #Dystopian #BookReview ARGENTERRA by @DonnaMHanson #TuesdayBookBlog

Barb Taub

Public service announcement to authors: Why I will probably reject your review request for your latest YA Dystopian masterpiece:

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With The Hunger Games as the trope definer, YA-dystopian books/films/fanfic/you-name-it owns its own genre. Since I’m going to turn down most of your review requests anyway, it might be useful to list a few guidelines that will save time for both of us.

So, dear review-requesters, if your heroine’s actions include three or more of the following (or number 9), I will be sending your book back with a suggestion that there might be other twelve-year-olds reviewers out there without a life of their own better suited to slogging through the 100-thousand words of your story only to find a f**king cliffhanger at the end reviewing your book. **(Unless I really like it, or it has a cute dog, or were-badgers. Definitely taking all the ones with were-badgers.)


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