History of the Chaos Elves

Legends of Windemere

Pirotess from Lodoss War Pirotess from Lodoss War

Not really what chaos elves look like, but Pirotess fits the bill.  Honestly, I simply didn’t want to use Trinity again.  Anyway, the strange thing is that I’ve never really gone into the history of this species.  At least not on the blog, which is strange since a chaos elf is the first enemy you meet in Beginning of a Hero.  These assassins, spies, and thieves routinely appear to cause trouble or throw a few surprises into the path of our heroes and even a few other villains.

Within the pages of Allure of the Gypsies, you get an idea of what life is like for the chaos elves.  They come from the desolate continent of Shayd, which is ruled by Baron Kernaghan.  Undead and demons are constant threats to them while they dig for edible roots or wait for a mission that will…

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