April A-Z Challenge Accepted!

Good luck AJ.



Hi everyone ☺ I might be a bit late announcing this, but what the hell, here goes!
After seeing this last week and giving it some thought, I’ve decided to give this years “Blogging from A to Z Challenge” a go.
The idea is self-explanatory: bloggers are encouraged to post every day throughout April, excluding Sundays, and each day’s post will be related to a letter of the alphabet. Each day will follow the alphabet in order and will provide the prompt for that post. In short, I’ll be attempting to write 26 short stories next month! I’m going to limit these stories to between 500-1000 words. No pressure, or anything…
I feel like this will be a great way to test myself and see how well I will work under time restraints. I’m becoming quite fond of writing flash fiction, so this should be fun! ?
If any of…

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5 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge Accepted!

  1. Hahaha okay, thanks for asking.
    Bombastic, concubine, dragoon, effervescent, fragile, gargoyle, hessian, inkling, I’ll stop before I become jackass (too late I fear). These are the first words that popped into my head so if any help that great, if not, they might trigger a word of your own that you could use. Happy writing :0)

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