‘Being real’ makes us feel vulnerable, so well done Ned. I’ve always found that people who use humour in difficult or serious circumstances tend to be people who have suffered or struggled in some way.
They have to see the ‘funny side’ or it’s too painful.
Glad you have got to the point where you can be ‘serious’ about it.
Mixing in some ‘serious’ in makes the funny more funny I think. (sorry, sounded like a cockney gangster there – in a cockney accent – ‘Are you throwing a bit o’ ‘serious’ in sunshine?)
We still like the ‘hot link’ sausage jokes as well though hahaha :0) Kate


My #BeReal guest today is Ned Hickson.


As a humor columnist, I get paid to be a truth-stretcher. An embellisher. A chronicler of life blown out of proportion. And I get to do it without living in Washington D.C. It’s a skill my mother will tell you I began honing at a young age — usually as a way of getting out of trouble. Again, it’s a wonder I didn’t go into politics. However, I decided to use my skills for the greater good by becoming a writer instead.

Early in my career, I was in a very unhappy marriage. It lasted 15 years because I got good at not being real. Often, I wrote about my married life in a humorous way by portraying myself as the bungling husband always falling short of his smarter, more capable wife. It kept the peace and also gave me an escape. But…

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