Tuesday Writing Prompt: Do you hear what I hear…

Writing Dragons

It took forever for The Daily Post to update their Discover Challenge page and give us the first weekly challenge, but now that they have, it’s pretty exciting!  Today’s is called Blogging the Senses, with a short prompt post to read by Cheri Lucas Rowlands, who “recently interviewed Erik Kwakkel, a book historian in Leiden, Netherlands, who blogs on the popular blog Medieval Books.”

I then, of course, took a look at this Medieval Books blog, but I had to tear myself away from that quickly; I think I could spend days browsing that blog!  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here, but I do have another book on the back burner, a historical fiction story about a young Muslim scholar in 11th century Spain, who worked on the first Latin translation of the Qu’ran.  I always wanted this blog to be exclusively about Finding…

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