How To See CO2

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Fantastic Number

Know why bats can’t perch or sit upright and have to hang upside down? Not interested? Too bad, because here we go. It’s the end result of an evolutionary process by means of which these mammals were ultimately able to fly. Bat bones tend to be light and slender and, as in birds, reduced in size – particularly the fibula in the hind limb, which does not articulate appropriately and is too thin to properly support weight. So how come birds that also fly can perch? The reason is because since gliding preceded true flying, it’s thought that hanging in an upside-down position made it easier for bats to drop off and glide away as they didn’t have functional wings at that time.

bat I never meant you, Batman Still not interested? Try this then. Turn to the guy next to you at the next party and say, “I’m going to…

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