Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Drawing by Theodor Kittelsen, 1911

Dear… well, you didn’t acually give me your name, did you? Just an acronym…

Congratulations! Yes, you managed it! You got a reaction!

I must apologise, however, for being such a disappointment. I know my reaction is possibly not quite the one you were hoping for.

I must say though, you did an excellent job. It is not through any lack of thoroughness on your part. I hold up my hands…mea culpa. It is not you. I am to blame…

I was, unfortunately, unable to respond in anger or confusion. I reprehensibly managed to resist that temptation. I failed to take an offensively defensive position, or even to to curl up in a foetal ball, wondering what I had done to offend you, how I could possibly appease you or change your obviously poor opinion of me.

The fact that you cast aspersions…

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3 thoughts on “Reaction

  1. Yes, it’s a shame that name was picked for them. I’m sorry you have had to deal with such awfulness, I am nonplussed at to what they feel they gain, surely a little piece of their soul is lost each time?


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