Saturday Historical Novelist Interview: Dianne Ascroft


Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to Dianne Ascroft, a very interesting historical fiction author, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person last year at the Oxford Historical Novelist Soc iety. I’ve been curous about her writing ever since and have recently started her book (a review post to follow as soon as humanly possible).
Welcome Dianne. Please tell us, what in particular fascinates you about the era(s) you write about?

I think wartime stories, especially those set during the Second World War, always appeal to readers and writers. One aspect of the war that particularly intrigues me is the significant impact that the arrival of the Allied troops in Northern Ireland had on the quiet, largely rural country. County Fermanagh, where I set my stories, is far from Belfast and Londonderry, the largest cities in the province, and, at the outbreak of the war, the…

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