The exploding tea-drinker

Indeed! Tea is a serious business Sue :0) I love my Earl Grey, but I do also love a good strong cup of Yorkshire Tea

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


“She’s going to blow!”

The gentlemen may have found it amusing. I did not. We had often stopped at this particular place for a pot of tea mid-afternoon and it was always a pleasant pause beside the fire of the old coaching inn. It had been bad enough when they stopped serving pieces of fudge with the tea, but you can understand the economics of that. What I couldn’t understand was the move away from teapots.

The first time I spotted this aberration, I was too shocked to voice my disapproval…for at least a minute. The waiter brought out the customary tray with cups, saucers and the usual accoutrements…. but the tea was in things that looked like mini-cafetières. A novel idea… but it was all for show, wasn’t it? The tea would still brew in the glass contraptions.

Not so. It was not to be allowed to…

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3 thoughts on “The exploding tea-drinker

  1. Tea is something of a bedrock of Empire, and must indeed be taken seriously. NEVER put the milk in first. And it should always be made as strong as you can stand it. Nothing worse than weak, milky tea. Yorkshire Tea is undoubtedly the brand of choice for tea-drinkers, even for southerners like me. I don’t drink as much tea as I used to, but I am concerned about the trend for flavoured and perfumed teas. They are just not REAL tea, after all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Indeed. I don’t drink milk (can’t bear the smell or taste) but I do love a strong cup of tea with a smidgeon of honey or lemon. Just the smell of a freshly brewed cuppa settles the mind… actually thinking of tea, I’m going to put the kettle on :0)


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