Are computers the death knell for writers? Ask Google…

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105mjyAnother writer’s rant from the archives…

It was the final straw… yet another article about how a stupendous programme can increase your readership. This one touted its ability to engage a reader’s emotions, based on statistical analysis of the emotive terms included in the title. It will even find a title for you, if you like. All SEO friendly, of course.

I can’t be alone… surely there is something wrong with that concept… But wait, maybe it is just me…

So, refusing to judge on a preconception, I wandered over to the aforementioned site to see what it would offer. Then, in disgust, tapped ‘headline generator’ into the search bar and checked out a few more such sites while my blood pressure quietly rose.

For goodness’ sake… are we and our readers supposed to be mindless morons? Is this the future of writing? Do we really want to be dictated…

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4 thoughts on “Are computers the death knell for writers? Ask Google…

  1. I have to agree that some applications are the thin end of the wedge when it comes to writing. I have read about ‘computer-generated’ books that need no writer. They just take often-used storylines, familiar characters and situations, then churn out a suitable novel, with a made-up author.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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