Hazel Brown

  Those eyes of Hazel-Brown With suggestions of Amber, And flecks of Gold, When lit up with the light Of warm recognition and love. Could melt the coldest heart And save the darkest soul.   © Kate McClelland 2015

Tar Bubbles

Tar Bubbles It was a very hot, dry day. It was so hot, that the road tar bubbled and hissed like a slimy black cauldron. You could smell the acrid odour like a strong ‘whiff’ from the cheap rubber-soles of the people walking along. The soles, gradually melting on the scorching pavement. You could have … More Tar Bubbles

The Butterfly

The Butterfly You are sitting in a big saggy armchair In a so-called ‘living’ room. With beige non-descript walls, Full of empty picture frames. Everything feels dull and grey and silent. It’s so quiet, you think you’ve gone deaf But then you hear your own blood Rushing through your veins. And hear the sound of … More The Butterfly

Dusty Bones/Dreams

Hello There Kate here again I hope everyone is well and managed to get some rest and relaxation over the summer. The poem below is about a recurring dream I have and I am still having. It scares the bejesus out of me each time. Each time it’s different people I see. I don’t feel like … More Dusty Bones/Dreams


 Caterpillar The Caterpillar flops out of her morphic egg Exhausted by the effort of breaking out Immediately sinking her teeth into the leaf That had held her safely within the egg-cluster Industrially masticating her way Through volumes of foliage Until the pinnacle is reached And she crawls sleepily Into a sheltered section of the tree … More Caterpillar

Old Lovers

Hello There Kate here Hope everyone is well and safe This poem is about an old couple I saw walking in the local park. They were arm in arm and glad to be out in the sunshine after a few dismal grey days. Hope you enjoy it Kate :0) Old Lovers Old Lovers, sit together On … More Old Lovers

Migraine/A Bubble in Time

Hello There Kate here again. Hope you have all been safe and well. Thanks very much for the Re-blogs, RTs & Likes on my blogs and on Twitter. Also very grateful for the lovely comments you have left for me. They are very much welcomed and appreciated. Blogs katemcclelland01.blogspot.com katemcclelland01.wordpress.com Magazine.readersdoor.com Twitter @katemcclelland7 I don’t know whether you … More Migraine/A Bubble in Time

First WordPress blog!! Fluffy Slippered Feet/here I sit/It’s Night time

Hello There I’m Kate. Pleased to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. I write poetry, (no yawning out there!) some short stories and I am trying to write a children’s book (although it’s glacially slow at the moment) I write poems about whatever pops into my head. So they can … More First WordPress blog!! Fluffy Slippered Feet/here I sit/It’s Night time