Art Gallery

Art Gallery Walking through the art gallery Pausing to surreptitiously brush my fingers Across the statues Breathing in the voluptuous Figures of the paintings Like beauties on the beach All seemingly made flesh Real – yet not real at the same time Cold, unforgiving marble Muses Look down upon their admirers Like expensive hard hearted … More Art Gallery

The Tobacco Packet

The Tobacco Packet Waiting for the bus today An old green and gold coloured tobacco packet Fluttering by me on the breeze Like a shiny plastic-coated leaf on the wind It was the same brand my Dad used to smoke Dad used to sit in ‘his’ chair in the living room He would patiently roll his … More The Tobacco Packet

Small Talk

Small Talk? What is it about ‘small talk’ That terrifies me? It’s just idle chat But I’m pre-programmed Not to join in Terrified I might say something I shouldn’t Let the cat out of the bag Blurt out to the world ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.’ I feel sick and breathless Stomach … More Small Talk

Today I Realized

Today I realized that there was a skeleton inside of me Not just ‘know it’ – but actually ‘realized’ it A bony scaffold for my meat bag body to hang on. The veins and sinew Strapping it all together The blood and bile and mucus Oiling and greasing all of its parts   This is … More Today I Realized

A Pair of Angel Hands

A Pair of Angel Hands As a child, hiding from suffocating strife She would imagine a pair of angel hands Cupped around her face Warm and gentle Like a summer breeze There, there, they would whisper Softly drying her tears. Ethereal, but tangible. She could feel arms cocooning her From the storm raging outside the … More A Pair of Angel Hands


Moonlight The moonlight flows over her skin like silver cream. Illuminating her long, undulating hair. Sliding across her breasts, arms and thighs Skin as white as alabaster, Yet warm to the touch Soft as down feathers. Your skin – slightly rough, Slightly tanned but with a flush of red As your eyes drink in her … More Moonlight