The Tobacco Packet

The Tobacco Packet Waiting for the bus today An old green and gold coloured tobacco packet Fluttering by me on the breeze Like a shiny plastic-coated leaf on the wind It was the same brand my Dad used to smoke Dad used to sit in ‘his’ chair in the living room He would patiently roll his … More The Tobacco Packet

First Bedroom

First Bedroom I can still remember quite vividly, my first real bedroom. I was about four years old. We had moved around a few times and had taken refuge in other people’s homes, sleeping on floors or sofas, glad to have a roof over our heads. At first glance, the walls were brownish beige. (I … More First Bedroom

The Drunk

The Drunk   The Drunk meanders his way home His stooped, swaying gait Mostly hidden by the Darkness of the night But then, he is suddenly thrown Into sharp relief By passing headlights And the neon pool of a street lamp Scornfully watching his slow progress – Three steps forward Sway, one step sideways When … More The Drunk

Emotional Tidal Wave

Emotional Tidal Wave   Sometimes my feelings overwhelm me And occasionally spill out of my mouth I try to claw them back into my skull, ribcage and guts Before any permanent damage is done   I fear that they may eventually burst forth Like an emotional tidal wave Gushing out everything and anything I feel … More Emotional Tidal Wave

Thank You

  Just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you for supporting my daft Blog! When I first started this, I thought I would be talking to myself and the emptiness of Space, like an online diary type thing. So it surprised me greatly that from ‘Day 1’ people actually replied back! I can’t thank … More Thank You

Scented Wax Candle

Scented Wax Candle   The clicking sound of the scented wax candle The crackling logs on the blazing fire And the gentle tinkling of the crystal chimes Moved by the warm circulating air of the room The sounds caress my ears like a lullaby I lie here, comfortable and cosy Propped up on a soft … More Scented Wax Candle

Small Talk

Small Talk? What is it about ‘small talk’ That terrifies me? It’s just idle chat But I’m pre-programmed Not to join in Terrified I might say something I shouldn’t Let the cat out of the bag Blurt out to the world ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.’ I feel sick and breathless Stomach … More Small Talk

Today I Realized

Today I realized that there was a skeleton inside of me Not just ‘know it’ – but actually ‘realized’ it A bony scaffold for my meat bag body to hang on. The veins and sinew Strapping it all together The blood and bile and mucus Oiling and greasing all of its parts   This is … More Today I Realized