“Time to trash the Tories” by *not* voting: Steve Topple intends to spoil his ballot paper at the General Election

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By Daniel Margrain

It came as a complete bolt out of the blue for this writer to learn that one of the most politically astute, articulate, insightful and widely respected journalists in a generation is to abstain from voting at the forthcoming General Election.

Steve Topple, who in many ways I saw as mentor, and who has often promoted my work on twitter where many others ignored it, yesterday (May 1, 2017) came out publicly on social media to effectively state that he sees no political value in voting at elections.

According to Topple, placing a cross next to the name of a candidate at elections is akin to endorsing a corrupt capitalist system.

In response to criticisms from readers, Topple announced the following on Facebook (May 1, 2017):

“Oh dear.

So, seemingly because I’m going to spoil my ballot at the election, I must have come to this decision…

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2 thoughts on ““Time to trash the Tories” by *not* voting: Steve Topple intends to spoil his ballot paper at the General Election

  1. I can never support spoiling papers as protest or not voting at all. If everyone who feels so apathetic about the process actually got off the sofas, switched off the TV, and voted with their heart, we might never see a Tory government again. I can go back even further than Daniel, having excitedly cast my first ever vote (for Labour, who lost that year) in 1970, when I was 18. At the time, I lived in Bexley, which was the staunch Tory constituency of the man who became Prime Minister, the awful Edward Heath. So was my vote worth it?
    Of course it was.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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