How To Survive Wasting Writing Time Guilt #MondayBlogs #Writer

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This post is aimed at those writers who, like me, suffer with extreme guilt after WASTING writing time.

This is how things go:

You set aside a morning or an afternoon to write. Everyone in your house agrees to go out so you can write in peace.

Prior to this great session you imagine yourself working through a couple of chapters of your draft novel and staggering away at the end feeling amazing.

Ten minutes into your writing time and you are distracted by a conversation about writer motivation on Twitter, quickly followed by a strong urge to search Amazon for a new pretty phone cover, a new notebook, a scented candle and some early Xmas gifts for distant relatives.

A few hours later and your writing time ends. Your scented candle is arriving in three days, your new phone cover is being shipped and your tweet about writing…

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2 thoughts on “How To Survive Wasting Writing Time Guilt #MondayBlogs #Writer

  1. Much of this is so true. Sometimes I think that going to sleep is a waste of writing time. Then I crash, and don’t wake up until midday the next day.
    There’s no real system, we just have to go with ‘how it is’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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