A-Z Film Challenge

Hi Pete, I hope this gets lots of interest. I don’t really ‘do’ films or cinema, but looking forward to reading your list and others replies :0)


As anyone who reads this blog will already know, I don’t participate in any challenges, or those ubiquitous ‘awards’. Despite being asked many times over the years, I do not pass on any ‘chain-style’ blogging posts, or make that claim on other bloggers in my community. I have always preferred to leave it to the individual to decide how they prefer to blog, with no criticism of any other bloggers intended, or inferred.

But I was always a little concerned that I would be considered to be a ‘cowardy custard’ of the blogging world. So thinking about this today, I have decided to complete one of those widely-seen A-Z challenges. I have made up my own one, and will ask no other bloggers to participate. I cannot guarantee that each post will fall on the appropriate day. After all, life goes on. But at some stage during the month of…

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