The Hard Men

Well done Pete. Great story. I was engrossed from the beginning. Congrats on getting it published too, so pleased for you :0)


I am pleased to be able to tell you that Longshot Island has published another of my non-fiction articles on their website. Here is a link, if anyone would like to read it. If you enjoy it, please share on any platform, as there is no facility for comments over there.

I also received some copies of their latest printed magazine, ‘Leaving Home’. This contains my short story, Valerie, and I will be taking some photos of that to show you soon.

Submitting work to them for consideration is an easy process, and I once again encourage anyone who would like to see their writing published to do just that.

Even if your first efforts are rejected, you will at least get intelligent criticism, writing tips and advice, and a real sense of engagement. As a bonus, you will also be inspired to carry on writing.

I know…

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