Mick Jones’s Strides

great story – never understood all the ‘gobbing’ though

Postcard from a Pigeon

Forty years ago, October 1977, I watched The Clash play two shows in one night in the Exam Hall of Trinity College. 

Joe Strummer was bleeding. The house was heaving in a blur of body sweat, smoke and saliva. An entire row of venue security, volunteer students, lined the stagefront, soaked by waves of gob and now a spray of blood from The Clash singer’s bloody mouth.

It was the second of two shows the London band promised to play in one night in the student venue, an 18th century structure with a pillared entrance and inside, a large single vaulted chamber. We were gobsmacked and just a little subdued when we saw it. Seeing the band we all loved in such a venue made it a sweet occasion.

We ran amok, as much as we could, pogoing and gobbing and singing along with bleeding Strummer who bust his lip…

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