Is It Manly to Cry?

I Suck at Marriage

In the 5th grade, I was beaten up by the skinniest and scrawniest kid in school.  Having attended a different school every year of my life up to that point (except for a couple of years when I attended two in the same year), I learned how to size up new social situations and adapt pretty quickly in order to survive.  I had never been in any kind of physical fight except for maybe my older brother, and that was usually never much of one because we were pretty good friends.  We had to be friends in light of our ever shifting surroundings.  I learned very quickly that humor could be a pretty effective deterrent in the whole alpha dog schoolyard thing, and so I was funny, not tough.

I was also a rule follower, and a very sensitive kid.  If I got my feelings hurt or thought I was going to get in…

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