Raindrops on Roses (and Tulips)

Peacock Poetry

There is something so comforting about curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea whilst the rain beats down outside. I particularly love Spring showers as they seem to awaken and invigorate nature and me for that matter! During my jog after work, the heaven’s opened and I headed back to take shelter with a good old cup of Earl Grey. It was a welcomed moment in a busy day and made me realise just how much of an Arian Spring girl I am! Looking out the window this morning we now have snow which is laying. Spring is certainly full of surprises!

Spring Girl

The rain floods down, I’m safe indoors

A soothing rhythm as it pours

The drops they thud, transparent beads

A feast for newly planted seeds

The thirsty earth imbibes the treat

How blossom in the rain smells sweet

I drink a tea, I…

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