Six Reasons Why I Love Being Single

Two Angels and a Black Dog

So many times I’ve read about the perpetual search to find a soulmate because we believe we are incomplete without that “perfect” other.

I’ve decided that someone deliciously and imperfectly made just for me doesn’t exist. I’ve had relationships and I don’t want another.

Sex is a must – and let’s face it – you don’t need to be part of a monogamous official relationship for that! In 2017 I don’t think it’s beyond all contemplation to recognise that single women do, and should, have fun, despite being mothers, despite having a mental illness.

I refuse to bemoan the fact a significant other hasn’t shown up in my life. Rather I stand now at this point in time loving being single and here are six reasons why:

1) I refuse to be part of the online meat market of dating sites. My income, mental health, employment, and physical attractiveness all…

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3 thoughts on “Six Reasons Why I Love Being Single

  1. Nicely put.
    After three marriages, and two live-in relationships, it is so long since I have been single (1975) that I don’t even remember what that feels like anymore!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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