Minecraft party cake and ideas

Robbie's inspiration

I had a Facebook message a few days ago from a lady who admired one of my cakes. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the message and being a bit inexperienced on the nuances of Facebook usage I can’t seem to find or retrieve the message. This lady mentioned that she wanted to make a Minecraft cake for her grandchild. This comment has prompted me to write this post about the Minecraft Creeper Cake I made for Michael’s birthday two years ago. Minecraft was then, and still is, a huge hit amongst the pre-teenage kids. Michael was very definite about what he wanted for this particular birthday party. He wanted a Minecraft Creeper Cake and a Ghast piñata. Hmmmm, slightly challenging at the time for me who knew virtually nothing about the game other than that it was age appropriate for Michael to play.

I did a bit of research on…

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