The little girl who loved dolls

Such a sweet story. I’m sure Jack was very well loved and had lovely memories of you attached to him. I’m sure he’s in a soft padded box somewhere or even on a shelf next to the biscuit tin so he can survey the kitchen and all who enter it :0)

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The story of the missing Jack

When I was a little girl of nearly four years old, my sister, Catherine, was born. Catherine was born six weeks early which meant that when my Mom came home from the hospital after the birth, she didn’t bring my new baby sister with her. Catherine had to go into the neonatal ward with all the other premature babies. She was so small that she could fit into my Dad’s hand. I was not able to visit my sister as the hospital was very strict about visitors and little girls of four years old carried germs. My Mom did tell me about her though and one of the things she said was that Catherine had a needle into her head to feed her. The needle looked giant inserted into my little sister’s tiny head.

In anticipation of the new baby’s birth, my English Nana…

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2 thoughts on “The little girl who loved dolls

  1. That’s a lovely childhood memoir, and shows genuine kindness at such a young age. I have no doubt that Jack was passed down the generations, to be enjoyed by many other admiring children. By giving away such a precious toy, you showed real heart.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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