Music That Means Something Challenge.

shehanne moore

Right dudes, that’s enough. Paul Andruss, in the short time I have known him,  has proved to be a wonderful author and a very kind and supportive friend. I love his blogs. They are fun and informative and I’m enjoying his choices too.

Paul is also writer in residence over at Sally Cronin’s blog

Writer in Residence- Paul Andruss

The posts are always a treat.

So? Without further ado, here’s my five and why out of all the music I’ve listened to and loved– and music has always been a huge thing in my life– I have chosen these pieces. The first I’ve got here twice because the first vid is only the tap dance–I can’t find the whole thing. But the tap dance? Well, let’s just say they don’t do them like this any more. AS to why I have really chosen this…read on.

Why did I choose this…

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3 thoughts on “Music That Means Something Challenge.

  1. Great to see a Busby Berkeley routine there. Also mention of the divine Amy.
    On my blog, in the music category, I have written about more than 130 ‘significant songs’ that I admire for different reasons. I could never choose only five.
    Unless Count Prickula ever releases ‘The Vampire Hedgehog Rap’, which would of course go straight into my top slot!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. LOL!! The count might be persuaded. I am sure the vid would beat the Busby Berkeley tappers paws down. This WAS really difficult to do. I love so many pieces of music. Twit and Shout ain’t a fav, it was just one I could NOT ignore because of its significance at the time and the way they blazed like a comet through what was around. I will come by your blog later Pete and get a nosey !!

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