Llandeilo History


The beautiful Carmarthenshire town of Llandeilo is not only an exceedingly attractive market town, it has a lot of history to its name. For full details check out


Why not come to town betwen April 27 and 30th – a bank holiday weekend when the town will host over 50 literary events at the Llandeilo Lit Fest.Rhosmaen Street

The Roman legions may have left Britain for good in 410 AD, and had abandoned Wales even earlier, but history didn’t stop with the end of Roman rule. Wales and Llandeilo have a rich mediaeval history to surpass that of the Roman occupation, for more written records have survived from the Middle Ages to tell the story in great detail.17796432_10155072294602508_5906426417298010117_n

Llandeilo has been a holy place for as long as Christianity has been in Wales and was one of the main centres from which this once-obscure middle-eastern cult spread far and wide…

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