5 Steps to Increase Motivation


First time I’ve heard the term “Adrendlin dump,” but in pretty sure that’s how I’ve lived all my life. Basically what this article is saying is yo utilize mindfulness and avoid procrastination and doing things at the last minute due to the stress induced adrenaline dump. I am going to try this. Do things on a steady incremental fashion and be grateful for all I have. Great article and very helpful advice!


5 Steps to Increase Motivation
By Laura C Meyer

I hear it all the time: “I’m not motivated.” For many of my clients, they are referring to not having the motivation to perform basic life responsibilities such as paying bills, cleaning the house, making calls, and taking care of their health.

When do they get motivated? When they are in the danger zone. A late fee motivates them to pay bills. When friends come over, or when…

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