BeeKeeper: Providing education for Cambodian children one upcycled backpack at a time

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BeeKeeper creates vibrant and colourful backpacks by using fabric remnants and upcycled shirts that help reduce waste, but there is much more to this Melbourne-based hive.

With every backpack purchased from the BeeKeeper brand, the company will send one child in rural Cambodia to English class for one whole year.

BeeKeeper sources high quality discarded shirts and textiles and turns the material into durable, functional and eco-friendly backpacks, saving it from landfill.

Each BeeKeeper design is unique and in the five years that the brand has been in business it has created backpacks, as well as purses, wallets and weekend bags from a range of materials and designs including denim, bold prints, patchwork, Hawaiian-style shirts and army fatigues.

BeeKeeper also offer an upcycle-your-own-shirt service where customers can send in an old shirt and have the cloth pattern transformed into a durable backpack.

BeeKeeper state: “We [BeeKeeper] take our environmental responsibility…

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2 thoughts on “BeeKeeper: Providing education for Cambodian children one upcycled backpack at a time

  1. Such a good idea, I had to look it up. Beekeeper will sell you a backpack for 119 Australian dollars, which includes postage inside Australia. At current rates, that is £72, for a very unusual product. (Admittedly not cheap for a backpack though, which can be bought for £5-£10 in a street market.)
    However, if this also sends a child to English lessons for a whole year, it is amazing value, and can make you feel very good about what you have hanging on your back.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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