#DEAR = “Drop Everything And Read” Day #book #sale 4/12/17! Many #free and #discounted at #FSFnet and Here!

Sally Ember, Ed.D.

#DEAR = “Drop Everything And Read” Day #book #sale 4/12/17

Many #free and #discounted at #FSFnet (Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network) and Here!
Get any ebook format you want on Smashwords and discount codes for paperbacks on CreateSpace, or use Kindle Matchbook on Amazon when you buy both versions of each Volume (see below)! AND go to #FSFnet (Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network) for more deals (see below).

G-, PG- and PG-13-rated Fantasy and Science-Fiction sale books are at http://www.fsfnet.com and http://www.sallyember.com/blog

All three published Volumes of the sci-fi/romance/multiverse/utopian/paranormal (psi) ebooks in The Spanners Series for adults/NA/YA are participating in this great sale! And, if you prefer or want also to have paperbacks, scroll to the end for the coupon codes on CreateSpace to purchase those, or use Kindle Matchbook to buy both versions of any Volume.

Volume I, This Changes Everything,

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