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Dark Raven

~ Dark Raven ~ By ~ Scruffy Dude ~


Carrion darkened the dawn on Bryn’s White Mount.

Lingering longingly amongst us.

Thoughtfully accounting silently counting.

Else discounting unsavoury cuts.


“Cras! Cras! Cras!” cackled Mugin’s merry Crow.

“Today a proud fallen hero!”

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!”

“Fallen fellow ploughed fallow!”


I lay betwixt this realm and next.

A wash of grey shedding shadow.

Silently waiting beside where I’d died.

With nowhere else to go.


I remember nothing of the felling strike.

Or might or bite of glinting steel.

But wild eyes wild with wild dark light.

Left to fade and slowly congeal.


I recall into my blood-red dawn.

Rushed swarthy swaths of shady hue.

Tides of flocking mocking malicious spawn.

Upon dark Raven wings they flew.


To searing pain raced blackened rain.

Death tumbling upon the bloody mire.

Tumbling stumbling strutting stabbing.

Into souls ready to expire.


Slicing slashing claws rasping raking.

Hungry for flesh and shattered bone.

For spills and spoils tokens ‘n’ trinkets.

For scalps and scraps for home.


Savagely cutting carving stealing stalking.

Crowing and scavenging corpses.

 Pecking and pruning at souls still reeling.

Felled laying fallen in mori mortis.


Then to my sight appeared a considerable bird.

Chiselled marble dressed cobalt blue.

“Cras!” cursed the Raven’s…

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7 thoughts on “DARK RAVEN

  1. Hey Kate,

    It’s an absolute delight to welcome you to Gallybloggers and Raven’s 12, and our pleasure indeed to thank you wholeheartedly for the re-post on your charming blog. Your visit to Gallybloggers, your following and generosity are certainly appreciated by one and all. Scruffy in particular will be chuffed, perhaps also a little embarrassed to be so kindly regarded by so many, but the colour of rouged cheeks will suit the smile that beams between them and twinkle eyes. Your kindness will be joyfully received and warmly appreciated in so many. Thank you.

    We were happily encouraged by your visit to wander a path to one of your 3 sites…and by way of introduction of your work began our reading pondering Pond Monster, a nostalgic and humorous tale of childhood misadventure and pond-weed! And an excellent read it is as well thank you, we had smiles at the end, and hopes that the wild-man of the woods is not anymore! Enjoying what we read, we shall certainly be back for more from your laden table. It is a banquet Kate, thank you.

    As with all friends who bring the warmth of their wonderful company to our small field, a space will remain set aside here for you should your path through the Looking Glass turn en route to your distant green hill. Earl Grey comes as standard served with honey and a smile and you’ll find not one diving board in sight. A high outcrop of rocks are tumble some way above if adventure motivates you so…the view from the very top is awe-inspiring.

    Until then friend of Raven’s 12…enjoy a peaceful, prosperous and pleasant Easter Weekend…I trust you’ll be blessed in all ways, including chocolate. Thank you again for visiting, re-blogging, and your encouragement..

    Take care in all ways for always and always.


    DN and Raven’s 12
    (https://bwbachandtheraven.wordpress.com/ )

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    1. Thank you for your most eloquent reply
      You are indeed a great wordsmith yourself looking through the replies you had sent to others here.
      I feel like I’m reading medieval letters brought up to date, lovely. I am a child writing a note to Santa in comparison.:0)
      I’m so glad that the Pond Monster raised a smile and I also hope the ‘wild man’ got the help he needed.
      As I’m sure you know, even when horrible things are happening, there is some humour to be found there as well (not all the time), so I tried to include that too.
      I am very honoured that you have read some of my scratchings and even read my ‘about’ page and I am glad that Earl Grey with honey is available for me – so very kind.
      Should I find my way there sometime, I will bring the chocolate Hobnobs as you can dunk them in tea and they don’t break off and congeal in the bottom of your cup like some other nameless biscuits (okay, digestives, there, I said it)

      Ravens are one of my favourite birds, not just because of their place in folklore, but because they are such clever and loyal birds. When you first see them, their plumage just looks plain black, but when you look closer, the feathers have an iridescent quality to them and glints of purple and blue and red can be seen.

      I hope to read more from Scruffy and other members of the Raven 12 and yourself.
      I hope you are also enjoying the sunshine of this Easter Saturday as Spring/Summer seem to flit passed so quickly.

      Warmest Regards to you DN & Raven’s 12

      Kate x

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      1. Hey Kate,

        Kind words and sentiment flow unrestrained from the nib of your quill Kate and it is a delight to read your kind and appreciative words and enjoy the humour sown into the fabric of your reply. You have a keen wit Kate and a gentle and sincere manner, and we are grateful to have met you and to have you support Gallybloggers so generously. Sincerely, thank you.

        Our slant, our penchant for Medieval imaginings is promoted by both our general location being Wales, UK, and our association with Merlin and the traditions springing forth from legend, fable, myth and folk-lore. We are bound to the Land metaphysically and physically and thus also to an oral tradition of storytelling born in the mists of time. Merlin brings magic and enchantment, Romance and the Grail, Wales brings history of Kings and Castles, Bards, Druids, Celtic Warriors and Roman invaders. We are surrounded by history at every turn and so very proud of our heritage and ancestry…it is an intrinsic, deep-rooted part of the ragged fabric of us all. We also write letters to Santa…the spirit of giving doesn’t fade when one has nothing. We write asking for peace and understanding, for compassion, kindness, and help to alleviate suffering throughout the world. We have no chimneys to receive Santa’s reply and yet somehow we know we are listened to and cherished from afar.

        What did you ask Santa for last Christmas?

        We thoroughly enjoyed your writing Kate and will continue to do: your work leaves smiles, your humour infectious, thank you. Also the contributions re-blogged here are excellent…so much talent yet always so little time to appreciate it all. Sites that actively promote the work of others are like compilation music albums. The joy is in listening and appreciating all of the tracks yet being thrilled by just one or two, which keeps us listening to the entire album again and again.

        We would normally only serve Earl Grey during the afternoons until 5pm…but for you Kate we shall make an exception and have it on tap 24/7 together with a slice or two of smoky Lapsang Souchong. We hear it is another favourite of yours.

        Our curiosity has got the better of us, may we ask, are you UK based…the mention of (hardy) Hobnobs and (disintegrating) Digestives, both are McVities brands, UK manufactured. Any dunking, whilst a global tradition, must have started in the days of the Raj when tea-drinking and tiffin were popularised?

        Thank you for comment and insight on the Raven…one of your favourite birds, that is wonderful to know. Yes indeed they are beautiful birds to come to know, always mischievous, raucous, and fiercely bright with unfathomable depths of colour piercing their obsidian sheens. We have seen many Ravens in our combined years, and researched them quite thoroughly…indeed there are varieties of Corvidae that diminish the black element of their coloured robes in favour of bottle greens, purples, reds and pinks. It is a pleasure and a fascination to contemplate the symbolism of the Raven and ponder a while on the significance of sumptuous colours held deep within the blackened folds. We reflect on this and find great strength knowing that we to hold a rainbow of colours lost somewhere deep within us. We will always prevail under the watchful eyes of Merlin and the Raven….perhaps they are one and the same?

        Well, we have a lot of fun sharing small space on your blog with your delightful company. Of course we shall always bid thee welcome Kate and hope you’ll join us whenever you wish to share the company of Scarecrows. And thank you, yes indeed we have enjoyed a little sunshine this morning but now hunker down for a night beneath clear skies and diamonds. We’ll make a wish, and one for you too, and pray that Easter brings Peace and Prosperity to our World. We have high hopes for a sizzling summer – one that goes on forever and never seems to end, perhaps in the same way as it once used to when on summer recess from school all those years ago.

        Sincere thanks again Kate, we’ll take our leave and leave you to the company of your thoughts and enchanted dreams….monumental and feather quilled we trust. Enjoy a joyous and happy Easter weekend, and in all ways for always, always take care of you and one and all.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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  2. Hey Pete,

    Sincere thanks for your comments in response to Dark Raven. You kindness and generosity are appreciated thank you. Are you something of a poet yourself Pete?

    Should you be celebrating the Easter holiday, may we wish you a happy and joyous weekend.

    Take care.

    DN and Raven’s 12

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  3. Hello DN
    Well how can I possibly respond to such a beautifully crafted reply as yours? Any reply would be pale an wither like an Orchid in a blazing hot sun. I can’t possibly compete :o)

    I think of myself as a Celt first an foremost. I have Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English blood in my heritage. I am from the UK (gave myself away there with the Hobnobs!) I actually am of the opinion (although I don’t know for sure) that biscuit dunking probably started on merchant ships bringing tea back to ‘Blighty’ and trying to make the best of weevil-ridden hard biscuits (hot tea kills the weevil and softens the biscuit). But that’s just my practical mind searching for an answer. (mother of invention and all that).
    It was probably something quite ‘genteel’ like some Dowager dunking a biscuit for her lapdog.

    It reminds me of a story of when a writer ( I can’t remember his name unfortunately) was invited to have tea with the Queen. He sat terrified to move, not knowing what to do, so he decided to copy what the Queen did.

    She poured some tea into her saucer, so he did the same.
    She blew on the tea, so he did the same.
    She them dropped a biscuit into the tea on the saucer, so he did the same.
    She watched him do this, frowned & then put the saucer on the floor for her Corgi – he did not do the same.

    Which shows that you should not just copy someone else, but do what you think is right and two, the Queen was obviously too polite to say ‘what are you doing man?’

    I thank you for your very kind offer of having Earl Grey on tap and the possibility of Smoky Lapsang my ‘treat’ tea.

    Namaste DN

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  4. Hey Kate,

    I think your artfully crafted response far surpasses mine. Thank you…I am happy to wither as an Orchid within the shadow of your radiant flower.

    Why of course you are a Celt, how foolish of me not to acknowledge the windswept flaming red locks and Viking battle cruiser prominent in your Gravatar 🙂 We share similarities with regard to our ancestry and reflective sentiment, I too have Celtic lineage with Irish, Welsh and Scottish blood-lines together with a plethora of other contributing streams flowing through veins born to English parents. Currently living in Wales with a far greater sense of attachment to the country and culture than I ever did in England. I adore this Land and feel spiritually aligned and alive here. It is my ancestral home, my wilderness, my love.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful discussion on the origins of dunking, and smiled appropriately. Your musing sounds credible and entirely plausible. I haven’t heard the word dowager for many a long year, how delightful to be reminded of it again in association with the practice of dunking. Excellent. Enjoying the flow from dowager to the Queen (lol) I chuckled at the wit felt sympathy for the writers woe, and raced to beat the Corgi to the biscuit. Thank you for the anecdote, the message is a poignant reminder to always be honest and sincere to our thoughts, our hearts and our actions and intentions. We are unique yet remain undifferentiated from our fellow man, and in that there is celebration.

    Thank you for amusement, for Hobnobs, Corgi’s, Orchids, Weevils, the Queen, good Old Blighty, and the enjoyment of your company and reply. It’s been a pleasure to chat a while.

    Cup of tea Kate? 🙂

    Take care, have a wonderful week.

    Namaste 🙂



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