Non-Fiction: Published online


I have recently submitted an article to Longshot Island. It is a non-fiction piece about my former life in London, followed by my move to Norfolk. I am pleased to say that it has been published online, and may be considered for future publication in the magazine. Please follow the link, and read it at your leisure. I am really happy to give publicity and support to this venture. They are undoubtedly helping new writers.

Many thanks, Pete.

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3 thoughts on “Non-Fiction: Published online

  1. Pete, you never left a comment section that I could see to say to you what a wonderful post. Forget the argumentative dudes, I am saying so. Personally I grew up in a kinda tough no go after the war sink estate that was like living in an outpost. But I do mind our family were regarded as posh amongst those who never had a stick of furniture cos we had a telly. Aye. And folks used to come in to see a prog on our one channel. SO that bit about channels was amazing. Putting that aside, this was something else to read on different levels and may you . aye find your way, even ins these times when you think you’ve no xxx


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