How to make simple Easter nests – includes how to temper chocolate

Robbie's inspiration


I made these simple Easter nest decorations for my Easter cake using only three ingredients. The ingredients I used are pretzel sticks, plain milk chocolate and candy coated Easter eggs.

The first step was to cut the pretzel sticks into quarters. I decided to use pretzel sticks because I like the combination of the sweet chocolate and the salty biscuits. I used approximately 1 cup (250ml) of cut pretzel sticks.

The second step was to melt and temper the chocolate. I took 1 cup (250ml) of milk chocolate discs and set 2/3rds of the chocolate discs to melt in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. Once the chocolate had melted completely, I removed the pot from the heat and added the remaining 1/3rd of the chocolate discs. These I allowed to melt slowly in the hot chocolate. I stirred the mixture every now and thenโ€ฆ

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39 thoughts on “How to make simple Easter nests – includes how to temper chocolate

    1. I have just received an urgent communication from the Hamster Lexicographer in Chief, Sir Bertram Whisker. He asks me to inform you that the spelling of Hamster with an ‘H’ was banned under the Hamster Spelling Act, 1922, and warns that you face court action, should this continue.
      (He wasn’t happy…)

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  1. Shehanne – loving the image in my head of Hamster version of ‘Oliver’.
    We could call it ‘Hamstah! – The Dudes take Glencoe” and have the Dudes (for they would HAVE to have a capital ‘D’ now) dressed as street urchins with Silv dressed as ‘Faggin’ that well know ciggy butt thief of Old London Town.
    A story of love, life and soft straw bedding (steady now) in a down and out pet shop in Ealing where the Dudes struggle on a daily basis to find themselves (because they keep getting lost in the alleyways).
    They decide to make their way to Glencoe to fight the evil Moss Monster and triumphantly arrive at the Paradise that is your pantry – yes I said pantry.
    With songs by Elton John and Timothy Spalding (I know, not known for his musical genius yet), choreography by ‘Oor Wee Vera’ from the tea shop – it could be a Broadway hit anytime in the next four years, just in time for the Dudes retirement party.
    We could have merchandise with ‘Hamstah!’ on, even get Yorkshire Tea to give away ‘Hamstah!’ slippers with every 4,000 teabags drunk in the shape of The Count which squeak each time you put your feet in them.
    I’ll stop now before I get carried away – too late, they’re at the door with the ‘jacket’ and a rather large and fully loaded syringe!!! TTFN

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    1. OMG Kate…I think we have a winner. On my way right now to rescue you. I can hear that song ‘Oliver, Oliver’ being changed to ‘Bobby Bub, Bobby Bub, never before has a dude’s head been sore’ after Silv smacks him with the baseball bat. OOPS, is that my doorbell too???

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    1.’s the dig. I once Played Nancy in a non musical version. That was NOT yesterday. But I aye wanted to sing it. Alas I may play several musical instruments I can’t sing. BUT now I am hearing ‘ It’s a Cossack dance fer all’. and the dudes doing that while they review the situation.. They are hamster dudes and hamsters they will stay. All the trials and tribulations (SO NOT FAIR) ALSO think of Bobby Bub here and his pprb wi wives. A Wife would cook and sew for me etc. Kate I love this xx

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  2. Awww I’m sure you were fantastic at playing Nancy you have the empathy to play such a role. I love Nancy.
    I can sing, but I can’t play instruments (I did try the violin for a year but I wanted to play piano and wasn’t allowed by the school so I sulked for the whole year – yes I could sulk at gold medal level then).
    I loved ‘Where is She’ as I first heard it when I was in Junior School sang by a very small Chinese exchange student teacher (who was only about a foot taller than me at the time & I was about 3′ 8” )
    She and her voice was so delicate and reedy it just blew me away as a child. Adults were always strong and tough and big.
    I wanted to protect her. She wrote my name in Chinese calligraphy as a parting gift when she left.
    I still remember it being a flower above a Chinese ‘junk’ ship with the symbol of Cathay (she called me Kathy)

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  3. Oh my Kate, I would have taught you that. I ran a wee business for many years teaching piano and drama. I got flung out the violin class for laughing. I couldn’t help using the way I felt at one point in my last book about folks with faces long as fiddle cases making the most God awful screeching racket. I was told one more laugh from you and you are out. I got flung out of a ton of classes at school. I love your story of the Chinese girl. I did love playing Nancy. You are very kind. I mind getting a black eye for real one night– by mistake– me and Bill Sykes were so carried away in that, Oh, No she won’t ‘Fygen’ scene. x

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  4. Oh dear, you poor thing! I bet ‘Sykes’ was mortified when he gave you the black eye!
    My violin teacher was a wizened older lady. She looked like she lived on walnuts and black tea with no sugar and wore black with a white lace collar all the time.
    She had really hard bony fingers that hurt when she pressed your fingers on to the violin strings. I gave up as I did really want to play the piano and also I couldn’t practice at home.

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  5. Pete, Kate and Sheh — You three have truly had waaay too much exposure to something. I suggest you sit down at your kitchen tables and quietly make a few of these adorable pretzel baskets so that when the men in the white coats arrive they’ll think you’ve already been medicated (hide the Dudes, btw)

    Robbie – I love this idea. I’d probably fill mine with jellybeans or malted milk eggs – or maybe one of those marshmallow peep chickens. They’d be great at each place setting holding a name card, AND I can see them adapted for TurkeyDay as well. As long I can use GF pretzels!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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