The importance of creativity for children

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IMG_1270By Gregory Cheadle aged 14

I have always thought that creativity and imagination are very important to the development of the human race. As I have watched children I teach, my own children and my nieces and nephews paint, create with fondant, play dough and clay and a myriad of other mediums, I have seen how it stimulates many of them to think in different ways. How creating an aeroplane out of clay, or even out of paper, starts a process of how to make the various important pieces required for flight, how they work and, most importantly in this case, how to make the aeroplane aerodynamic and keep it in the air. Some children like to work in groups and some like to work alone, but there is little doubt in my mind that all children benefit from an opportunity to be creative.

I also firmly believe, that children…

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