Living dead

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“I might as well be dead.”

As the opening gambit to a conversation between mother and son, it was, I admit, guaranteed to get my attention. He didn’t sound particularly cheerless. In fact, if anything, he sounded quite excited by the idea. I was obviously missing something here.

“How so?”

He explained. An evening in front of the TV was responsible.

“It’s just mindless entertainment. It is like being  dead… ” I didn’t think TV had become that bad…but then, I never watch it. “I am just moving from moment to moment,” he said, “watching an illusion on the screen. It is only when something sparks a train of thought and I pick up the phone to talk to you about it, that I wake up… I’m alive again. Then, when I put the phone down and go back to the TV, I go back to sleep.” Ah. I understood…

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5 thoughts on “Living dead

  1. Indeed Pete. I work full time (40 to 50 hrs per week) so evenings & weekends are precious to me to catch up with Hubby & our children & what’s going on with them & writing little scraps of stuff in between. So ‘social media’ gets done in frenzied ‘attacks’. Luckily, I can read really fast, so manage to keep track most of the time. (Apologies to people I’ve missed posts of) I really appreciate your input and you always try to reply to most of my posts or re-blogs, which is so kind of you Pete (and Ollie of course).


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