Ginger apricot pudding

Robbie's inspiration

Due to last weeks gingerbread house making spree, I had a lot of bits and pieces of off cut gingerbread left over. Luckily, gingerbreads lasts for a long time and so we are able to keep and continue to eat the remnants for up to six weeks. As we had family coming over for tea today, I decided that the tea should have a gingerbread theme. To this end, Michael and I decided to make gingerbread apricot pudding as a part of today’s tea spread.


4 * 250 ml punnets of whipping cream;

3 * 410 gram tins of apricots;

200 grams of crushed gingerbread biscuits;

80 ml sherry.


In a separate bowl, mix the sherry and the gingerbread biscuits.


Drain the apricots and cut them in half. Whip the cream until it is thick. In a large bowl, pour half of the gingerbread and sherry mixture into the bowl…

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