Brexit: A Disaster In Waiting

Road To Somewhere Else

 By Daniel Margrain

With article 50 triggered, the clock is ticking: the UK government has less than two years to reach a settlement in what is going to be the ‘mother of all divorce cases’. With the Tory government having been, up until now, deliberately vague about what it seeks to achieve during the negotiations, the predicted outcome of Brexit is based on unwarranted optimism at best and catastrophe at worst.

This is not what the British people voted for. It’s not the job of politician’s to support a suicidal Brexit strategy predicated on a racist narrative and false promises written on the side of a bus, but to scrutinize claims and represent the best interests of their constituents by voting accordingly in parliament.

There was never any compulsion to follow- through on a referendum based on falsehoods or pandering to racists. In my view, the Labour opposition…

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One thought on “Brexit: A Disaster In Waiting

  1. Daniel makes some compelling arguments, and uses his sources well too.
    As one of those who voted to leave, I am fast becoming something of a social outcast as a consequence, as well as being labelled with motives such as racism and xenophobia. All are unjustified in my case, but I have grown tired of trying to speak over the shouting that puts me in the same camp as the National Front or Moseley’s blackshirts,

    I have no liking for the Tories, and even less for UKIP. My own motives for wanting to leave contained none of those reasons generally attributed to Leave voters.
    Regarding Corbyn, as he was a former extreme left-winger, and one-time committed Socialist, it is no surprise that his conscience did not allow him to campaign enthusiastically for a Remain vote.
    A united Ireland also makes sense to me. The ‘six counties’ are a construct, and have been the cause of so much division in the past. The same with Scottish independence. I am all for it. I have lived for 65 years in the ‘United Kingdom’, and have never once felt it was united.

    Brexit has caused divisions in this country that are unlikely to heal in my lifetime. And it is equally true that the opposing sides will never see the other point of view, whatever their motivation.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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