Welcome Blithe Spirit. Hamstahs too.

shehanne moore



Welcome Blithe Spirit by Shehanne Moore

 Do ghosts wander the face of the earth?

And if they do, would they be welcomed?

I guess that depends on the writer. Noel Coward certainly turned the idea into a farce in Blithe Spirit, when the dead wife turns up. 

 Daphne du Maurier did something quite different with Rebecca.  Rebecca may not appear as a ghost but her presence clings to every scene. And there is no doubt she casts a huge shadow over her husband, Max. 

And yes, I welcome both these ‘spirited’ ladies because I find them much more interesting than the wives currently in situ, although I might not say that if they came to tea.

Ghosts are said to be restless spirits and the interesting thing is that they exist in every culture, ancient ones especially. Look at the idea of Halloween being the Day of the…

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8 thoughts on “Welcome Blithe Spirit. Hamstahs too.

    1. I’m so envious of you nipping off to Glen Coe. :0) I was born in a city, but my heart is in the country you can keep the beach & drinks with fruit & umbrellas in them, I’d rather sit under a tree or a sheltered spot surrounded by green any day! :0)

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      1. YAY!! Just the spirit. The weather was pretty pantz when we got there but we went out, got drenched, thought we chose a sheltered walk. The next day was one of these typical skitzo Glencoe days, One minute the sun was beating down, then Mr and me went up to the cairn which was on far higher ground and it was bloody Baltic. Then it bucketed rain. We were all drenched again, worse cos this was open moorland. But then out came the sun. I tell yah the wise thing there is NOT to fo for the weather. I am sure you would love it there xxxx

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  1. Now THAT’S what I call a post! I missed the Russians though, so presume they were out enjoying Vodka and some Caviar Blinis.
    I checked with the Hamster Dictionary by the way. There are no Gangsta Hamsters, none of them live ‘East Side’ or ‘West Side’, and there are definitely no ‘Hamsters in The ‘Hood’. So, no ‘H’. (as in Hamstahs)
    It is well known that all hamster lexicographers (And Vampire Hedgehogs too) insist on the plural ‘ERS’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Well, I tried telling the dudes but they said they are Hamstahs, then got kinda savage. They said they ate the hood. but we are all good cos I have a new monster for them. The Russian hamsters are so much more civilised. They just party the whole time so I won’t need to threaten them xxxxxxxx

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