Never let it be said…

Tallis Steelyard

Cover Keeping Body and Soul together

You will know the sort of day I’m having at the moment. I sit in the barge, listening to the rain beating on the roof. If I peer out of the portholes all I will see is the grey water of the estuary, stirred and agitated by the constant driving rain. Still it’s warm enough in here and there is coffee on the stove.

Still I have this strange feeling that somehow I have forgotten to do something. Admittedly this isn’t uncommon, and may be part and parcel of being a husband. Yet I’d have thought that by now I’d have become accustomed to the vague feeling of existential guilt that arrives with matrimony. Hence it must be something else.

I just sat down to plan my programme for the Annual lunch of the Port Naain society for the promotion of thrift amongst the indigent. This is an event I’ve…

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