‘Depression’ …. what is it?

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Contrary to popular belief….its not about feeling ‘sad’…or maybe it is

A kind of repressed ‘sadness’ and deep rooted feeling of not being ‘good enough’

It stands to reason then…that if you’re feeling under stress …you end up not managing ANYTHING to your impossible inbuilt ‘standard’ … it kind of feeds on itself…like juggling…or plate spinning…you race around trying to keep everything moving….it might take 1 2 or 3 curveballs….maybe more….depending on your own personal threshold…. but you start dropping the balls…and believe me…there is no’one worse than someone prone to depression for critising themselves….the depressive tends to be self critical as opposed to criticising others….a ball is dropped and they blame themselves…another and another and they start becoming a kind of self fullfilling prophecy …none the less…they kind of keep going and keep going untill….CRASH

It feels like being hit over the head with a sledgehammer..you cant concentrate..unable to…

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