Brass knuckles for a lady

Tallis Steelyard


I was home first that evening and had brought supper with me. A good chunk of game pie, half a bottle of wine, and even some vegetables, although it has to be admitted that these had a sad a wilted air. Still, chopped, seethed in the juice of a punnet of boelits (also somewhat past their best) and a little butter, the result would compliment the pie adequately.

When Shena arrived back she passed me a small packet wrapped in rotting sailcloth.

I inspected the contents, a metal object the size of my hand with the mud of the estuary still on it. So I dropped it in a bucket of water drawn from the river and left it there until we’d eaten.

Finally after our meal I emptied the bucket and looked at what Shena had given me?

“Miscellaneous metal debris?”

“I bought it by weight, so it’ll be…

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2 thoughts on “Brass knuckles for a lady

  1. The given names, the currency, and the street names. They are all so evocative, and really make me believe the place is real. I can see myself investing in a collection of these stories soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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